Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good-bye February. Good-bye Rotavirus.

This week's update can be summarized by one word: Rotavirus. Cora was sick all week with a stomach virus that eventually dehydrated her to the point of needing IV fluids at the hospital on Thursday night. She is doing so much better now...eating and playing and being the fun Cora we all know and love. Yay!

This photo was snapped on Tuesday morning, when Cora was so tired she curled up on the floor with Big Puppy and fell asleep.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Cora still loves to read her books and is really starting to point out objects in the book and share them with us. This is great!

Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful week. We had a HUGE cupcake meltdown on Tuesday! I've never seen Cora get sooooo upset over something she couldn't have. It was tragic. But, they ARE really good cupcakes...vanilla cake with strawberry mousse filling...mmmm. It's just not the best idea to have one before bed time (as we learned last Saturday night from personal experience).

Friday, February 13, 2009


This week:

1. Cora is a raisin addict. She has just recently realized the true delicious-ness of raisins and is completely on board now...demanding raisins throughout the day. Here she is posing with a box of her favorite dried, shriveled fruit.

2. Cora really wants to figure out how to blow bubbles on her own.

3. Cora's preschool had a Valentine's Day party this week. Daddy helped Cora create her v-day box (see robot stickers and glitter above) and she got a lot of love letters from her classmates.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Update!

I'm going to start posting little updates on what Cora has been up to lately, just silly and neat things we'd like to share. Grandmas...this is especially for you!

1. Cora loves to help me feed the cats now. She says "cat foo!" and runs up to the cat food bag, helps me scoop the food, and pours it into the cat bowls. Timmy and Digger aren't so keen on this new development because she hasn't yet mastered the process of splitting the food up evenly. Cat fight!

2. On the topic of cats, Cora often exclaims (yells, sharply!) "Digger!!" and then claps her hands together at one of the cats. This is a direct imitation of me when I am yelling at Digger to stop eating Cora's cheese crackers, leftover waffle, squished peas on the counter/floor/high chair. I am a bad cat mama.

3. Pure sweetness: Cora greets us each morning when we get her from the crib with a groggy "good morning."

4. Cora pooped THREE times over the duration of our trip to Nashville yesterday. Way to save it up for a travel day, sister.

5. Cora loves colors right now and will point them out everywhere. For instance, did you know that the color yellow is on every Comfort Inn billboard from Nashville to Chattanooga?


Nap hair!!!

Cora has a very attentive audience.